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To obtain a customized checklist that you can print out and give to your students, first click in the boxes next to the appropriate items. To add your own item to a category, check the box next to "add own" and then fill in the adjacent text window. When you have chosen the appropriate items, please click the "submit" button. The page you will see can then be printed by choosing "print" from the file menu above. To change the orientation or magnification of the page to be printed, go to the file menu and choose the "Page setup" option.

Checklist for Elementary: Grades K-4
Research Questioning Observations Cooperation Directions Safety

I used a library book.

I used a magazine.

I used an encyclopedia.

I used the Internet.

I used a CD-ROM.

I made up some of my own questions.

I asked my teacher about things I did not understand.

I asked other students about things I did not understand.

I wrote down any questions I had.

I found an answer to one of my own questions.

I saw something new to me.

I looked closely at

I wrote down what I saw.

I drew what I saw.

I talked about what I saw.

I worked well with other students.

I was nice to my classmates.

I tried hard to finish.

I behaved well.

I helped my group members.

I didn't waste time.

I did what my teacher asked.

I read directions before I started.

I did things in the right order.

I finished all of the steps.

I cleaned up my mess when I was done.

I followed directions.

I wore goggles.

I carried things with two hands.

I told my teacher about any accidents.

I did not hide any accidents or spills.

I walked and did not run.

I did not throw things.

I did not horse around or roughhouse.

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