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Checklist for Early Primary: Kindergarten - Grade 1
Conventions Punctuation Capitalization Word Use Ideas
My letters are written clearly.

I leave white spaces between my words.

My sentences go from left to right.

I use a period at the end of each sentence.

I use a question mark at the end of each question.

I use an exclamation point at the end of an exclamation.

I use commas between words in a list.

I use both capital and lower case letters.

I use a capital letter to start the names of people, pets, and places.

I use a capital letter to start the first word of a sentence.

I use synonyms for words I write a lot.

I use new spelling words.

I use the right action word form with my nouns.

I use the dictionary to spell words I don't know.

I describe where my story takes place.

I describe what characters look like.

I describe what characters feel.

My story has a beginning, middle, and end.

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