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Checklist for High School: Grades 9-12
Conventions Fluency Organization Punctuation Word Choice Ideas
My paragraphing is intentional and assists the reader.

Each of my paragraphs has one main idea.

I have used correct grammar.

I have used correct punctuation.

I have used correct capitalization.

My spelling is correct.

Stylistic effects enhance the report; they do not distract the reader.

My handwriting is legible.

My print-out contains no typos.



My sentences begin in different ways.

My sentences build upon the ones before it.

My sentences are different lengths.

The meaning of each of my sentences is clear.

My sentences flow and use correct grammar.

There are no run-ons.

My sentences are complete.

I maintain one tense, especially in summaries.

I express similar ideas with parallel construction.

I organized ideas in a meaningful way.

My report reflects a logical sequence.

My introduction is exciting and inviting.

My ideas flow and are well connected.

I used helpful transitions between main points (e.g.: "First of all ..." or "Similarly ..." etc).

I used logical connectors (e.g.: "On the other hand ..." or "Therefore ..." etc).

I have a satisfying conclusion.

Commas surround parenthetical expressions and appositives.

Commas separate the items in a series.

A comma precedes ''and'' or ''but'' when introducing an independent clause.

A comma follows an introductory word or phrase.

A semi-colon connects two sentences.

Closing quotation marks always follow commas and periods.

Apostrophes are used correctly to show possession or create contractions.

A colon is used for emphasis or to introduce a list.

A period is at the end of every sentence.

Long quotations are set off from the text without quotation marks.

Foreign vocabulary are italicized or enclosed in quotes.

Ellipsis are used to indicate ommitted matter in a quote.

A question mark follows quotation marks when not part of the quoted material.

Resource citations use the appropriate format, including correct capitalization, punctuation, and italicization.

Every word seems just right.

The language expresses voice.

I use descriptive words (adjectives and adverbs) when necessary.

My words paint pictures in the reader's mind.

I use strong, active verbs.

I use synonyms and descriptive verbs to add variety.

I omitted needless words from my first draft.

I used brainstorming or a story map to create and organize ideas.

My ideas are written in my own words.

My report is clear and focused. I stay on target.

My topic is specific and easy to summarize in a few sentences.

I understand my topic.

My details give the reader important information.

My ideas relate to one another.

I have listened to suggestions from the teacher or peer writers.

I have cited my resources correctly and included a works cited page.

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