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To obtain a customized checklist that you can print out and give to your students, first click in the boxes next to the appropriate items. To add your own item to a category, check the box next to "add own" and then fill in the adjacent text window. When you have chosen the appropriate items, please click the "submit" button. The page you will see can then be printed by choosing "print" from the file menu above. To change the orientation or magnification of the page to be printed, go to the file menu and choose the "Page setup" option.

Checklist for Intermediate: Grades 5-8
Conventions Fluency Organization Capitalization Word Choice Ideas
My paragraphs are sound.

Each of my paragraphs has one main idea.

I have used correct grammar.

I have used correct punctuation.

Periods are at the ends of my sentences.

I have quotation marks around dialogue.

My spelling is correct.

My handwriting is legible.

My print-out contains no typos.

My sentences begin in different ways.

My sentences build upon the ones before it.

My sentences are different lengths.

The meaning of each of my sentences is clear.

My sentences flow and use correct grammar.

There are no run-ons.

My sentences are complete.

My report is sequenced in order.

My introduction is exciting and inviting.

My ideas flow and are well connected.

I have a satisfying conclusion.

I have capitalized the first word in a sentence.

I have capitalized people and pet names.

I have capitalized months and days.

I have capitalized cities, states, and places.

I have capitalized titles of books, movies, et cetera.

Every word seems just right.

I used a lot of describing words (adjectives and adverbs).

My words paint pictures in the reader's mind.

I use strong verbs like darted and exclaimed.

I used synonyms to add variety.

I used brainstorming or a story map to create and organize ideas.

My ideas are written in my own words.

My report is clear and focused. I stay on target.

I understand my topic.

My details give the reader important information.

My ideas relate to one another.

I have listened to suggestions from the teacher or peer writers.

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