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Checklist for Middle School: Grades 5-8
Background Research Laboratory Work Scientific Observation Cooperative Groups Relating Concepts Experimental Research

I used a variety of helpful resources.

I correctly cited all resources used.

I collected enough information to understand the main idea of the project.

I used information from the Internet.

I used information from scientific journals.

I used information from textbooks in class.

I found recent materials so my information is up to date.

I used only reliable resources.

I used resources that listed facts.

I used video resources.

I created a storyboard to organize my lab project.

I wore safety glasses in the lab during all of the required times.

I cleaned all of the glassware when I was through with it.

I picked up any mess that I made.

I answered all lab questions as well as I could.

I wore appropriate shoes for the lab.

I reported any accidents to my teacher, no matter how minor I thought they were.

I returned all lab materials and equipment to where they belonged after use.

I followed the scientific method to do my project.

I used the right equipment.

I explained my observations clearly.

I made enough observations.

My observations were about the project.

I discovered something I did not know before.

I described things in detail.

I wrote down facts, not opinions.

I drew all items as well as I could.

I labeled all items.

I described what it looked like.

I described what it felt like.

I described what it sounded like.

I worked well with my other group members.

I showed respect and support for fellow team members.

I contributed both time and effort.

I listened to my partner's ideas.

I listened to my group's ideas.

I helped us succeed.

Without my help, we could not have completed this project.

We did equal amounts of work.

Everyone did the work they were supposed to.

I know how this relates to what we did last week.

I know how this relates to history.

I know how this relates to our community.

I know how this relates to math.

I know how this relates to music or art.

I know how this relates to technology.

I know how this relates to business.

I made a hypothesis.

I gathered information.

I wrote a descriptive title.

I thought of a way to answer my question.

I thought of some things (variables) that could mess up this experiment.

I performed the experiment and recorded the results.

I summarized the results and told what they meant.

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