Tutorials and Tech-Along

Web Design, Email, and Internet Use:

  • Internet Basics NWRTEC: (http://www.netc.org/basics/index.html)
    directories, search engines, portals, and web analysis.
  • Bobby: (http://bobby.watchfire.com/bobby/html/en/index.jsp)
    a Web-based tool that analyzes web pages for their accessibility to people with disabilities.
  • Internet Pocket-Guide for Teachers: (http://www.genium.com/ipgt/)
    from Genium Publications.
  • Internet Filters: A Public Policy Report: (http://www.ncac.org/issues/internetfilters.html)
    info and links collected by Minot Public Schools.
  • Web Design Training: (http://www.holton.k12.ks.us/educate/)
    design a home page, create an online syllabus, schedule, and test, save to a server, convert word-processed documents, use online audio, video, and basic JavaScript; from Kansas USD 336.
  • Winding Your Way Through the WWW: (http://www.tufts.edu/as/wright_center/lessons/html/regal/rain.htm)
    an article from TERC.
Tutorials & Training:
  • Tech-Along: (http://www.4teachers.org/techalong/)
    tutorials and technical information.
  • Technology Glossary: (http://www.4teachers.org/techalong/glossary/)
    build your technical vocabulary.
  • NetLingo.com: (http://www.netlingo.com/inframes.cfm)
    an online dictionary about the Internet.
  • Training Cafe: (http://www.trainingcafe.com/)
    a free service to educators who would like to learn more about technology from Macromedia and Winstar. Registration required to access any training.
  • Basic Training: (http://www.holton.k12.ks.us/sd/training/)
    scroll down for basic training in ClarisWorks, QuickMail Pro, Netscape, upgrading software, and downloading software from the Internet from Kansas USD 336.
  • Technology Tutorials: (http://www.usd253.org/~techsupp/tutorials.htm)
    info on the Internet, printers, using e-mail, and using Macs and Compaqs from Emporia USD 253.
  • Heartland AEA Technology Professional Development: (http://www.aea11.k12.ia.us/prodev.html)
    various tutorials and Web-based staff development tools.
  • SnapZ Pro: (http://www.holton.K12.ks.us/sd/snapz.html)
    how to make screen shots for your online tutorials from Kansas USD 336.
  • Technical Assistance Library: (http://www.ktcn.org/tal/index.html)
    from the Kansas Technology Coordinators Network.
Links for Tech Coordinators: