Grant Resources

Grant News:

  • What Should I Know About Ed Grants? (
    from the U.S. Department of Education.
  • Digital Divide Network: (
    listing of numerous federal, private, and corporate funding resources.
  • Philanthropy News Digest: (
    online philanthropy-related articles and features form the Foundation Center, including new requests for proposals.
  • Federal Grants: (
    listing of entities and descriptions.
State & Regional Grant Sites:
  • Colorado: (
    PK-12 education grants.
  • Kansas: (
    technology Assistance for Kansas Educators (TAKE).
  • Missouri: Technology Grants: (
    information from Missouri.
  • North Dakota: (
    grants administered by ND Department of Public Instruction.
  • South Dakota: (
    Office of Grant Management.
  • Wyoming: (
    Wyoming state government education page.
Other Grants & Opportunities:
  • Advancing Student Achievement Grant: (
    funding of mentoring programs that involve supporting your school’s teaching of mathematics.
  • National Education Association: (
    ESP technology grants.
  • Useful Grant Resources on the Web: (
    provides a comprehensive list of grant resources, both private and federal.
  • Wallace-Reader's Digest Funds: (
    offers grant opportunities for educational leaders to improve student learning.
  • Yahoo's Grant Listing: (
    provides a very comprehensive list of grant resources.
  • Grant-Writing Tips: (
    resources that will help you when writing grants.
  • MarcoPolo State and School District Professional Development: (
    on-site professional development for K-12 teachers in the use of Internet Content for the Classroom.
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: (
    grants for helping improve lives through health and learning.
  • PT3 Federal Grants: (
    preparing tomorrow's teachers to use technology.
  • NASA K-12: (
    up-to-date information on NASA related grants.
  • NFS's IERI: (
    grants to improve reading, math, science, & technology skills.
  • Northwest RTEC: (
    regional and nationwide resources.
  • Peninsula Community Foundation: (
    grants for non-profits.
  • Vernier and NSTA: (
    technology award provides funding for equipment and professional development.