Bilingual Education and ELL

English Language Learning:

Bilingual Education: English Grammar: Vocabulary and Idioms:
  • Idiom Quizzes: (
    learn a new idiom each week.
  • Vocabulary Quizzes: (
    assorted vocabulary quizzes.
Reading Activities: Listening:
  • Learn English: ( thematic listening activities ranging from telling time to the future of technology.
  • ABC News: (
    chats and audio news live
  • The ESL Links Site: (
    some thematic listening activities which incorporate native listening materials via RealAudio.
  • English Listening Lounge: (
    listen to real people speaking English.
  • National Public Radio: (
    listen to daily news and commentary.
  • Science Friday: (
    weekly radio show on technical topics.
  • Voice of America: (
    listen to international news in English and many other languages.
  • Organizing Compositions: (
    structure, organization, parts of a composition.
  • Writing Den: (
    writing topics with background information.
  • Writing Resources: (
    tips, organization, mechanics, writing process.
  • Writing Tips: (
    look up grammar rules, helper words, and other writing tips.
Other Resources: