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How to use technology

Technology coordinators & directors in your district want to help you learn and utilize technology. In a spirit of collaboration, coordinators in your region have provided us with these links and tutorials.

If you are a tech coordinator with a link to submit, please contact us.

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The following links and tutorials have been created, reviewed, or suggested by tech coordinators & tech directors.

Web design, e-mail, and Internet use

Tutorials & Training  

  • Training Cafe: a free service to educators who would like to learn more about technology; from Macromedia and Winstar. Registration required to access any training. 
  • Basic Training: scroll down for basic training in ClarisWorks, QuickMail Pro, Netscape, upgrading software, and downloading software from the Internet; from Kansas USD 336
  • FAQs: info on the Internet, printers, using e-mail, and using Macs and Compaqs; from Emporia USD 253
  • Heartland AEA Technology Professional Development: various tutorials and Web-based staff development tools
  • SnapZ Pro: how to make screen shots for your online tutorials; from Kansas USD 336
  • Technical assistance library: from the Kansas Technology Coordinators Network
  • TrackStar Tracks on technology
  • TrackStar Tracks on using Internet technology

Links for Tech Coordinators

Recommended School Technology Sites


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