Technology Assessment

Assessing Technology Planning:

Assessing Web Resources:
  • Evaluating Web Resources: (
    offers concepts and questions to consider when assessing the accuracy and reliability of Web resources.
  • Evaluating Web Resources: ( Libraries/Wolfgram_Memorial_Library/Evaluate_Web_Pages/659)
    provides checklists and teaching materials to help evaluate the informational content of Web resources.
  • Evaluating Web Sites: Criteria and Tools: (
    provides great links and resources.
  • Bibliography on Evaluating Internet Resources: (
    an extensive list of Internet documents targeting issues related to teaching and using critical thinking skills in the evaluation of Internet resources.
  • Evaluating the Quality of World Wide Web Resources: (
    provides useful information on how to assess the accuracy of the information offered in a site from Valparaiso University.
  • Critically Evaluating Web Resources: (
    by Western Kentucky University Library.
  • Evaluating Quality on the Net: (
    by Babson College Library.
  • Evaluation Surveys for WWW Sites: (
    a TrackStar track for teachers.
  • Web Resource Evaluation: ( 877a6ecd6899913d4ff3edb0eeeeb97d/evaluationrevised2005.ppt)
    a PowerPoint presentation from Widener University.
Assessing Technology's Impact: Evaluators & Reports: