Use Policies and Safety

  • Parents Online: (
    help on dealing with pornography, bullies and abuse, paedophiles, spam and viruses, privacy and much more.
  • Protect Your Kids: (
    available tools to assure safe surfing.
  • Site Seeing On The Internet: (
    tips for a savvy Internet traveler.
  • SafeTeens.Com: (
    tips and articles for teens to keep safe and protect their privacy.
  • GetNetWise: (
    learn about online safety, security, privacy, and spam.
  • Safe Surfin' Central: (
    helps children, teenagers and adults understand how to safely surf the Web.
  • SafeKids.Com: (
    find tips, advice and suggestions to make your family's online experience fun and productive.
  • Safe Surfing: The Original Internet Rating System: (
    very good tips to keep the Internet safe for your kids.
  • Ethics in Computing: (
    a lot of information about different aspects of technology and computers related to our daily lives.
  • Safety 'Net: (
    learn about Internet safety through the story of the Three Little Pigs.
  • 4kids Safe Surfing: (
    information and resources on safe surfing for children and adults.
  • Responsible Netizen Institute: (
    excellent resource from Internet Marketing Services.
  • Kid Safety on the Web: (
    nothing replaces parental supervision, but these links might help.
  • Kids Rules for Online Safety: (
    for kids from SafeKids.
  • Sample Internet Use Permission Form: (
    in English.
  • Sample Internet Use Permission Form: (
    in Spanish.
  • Yahoo Parental Resources for Safe Surfing: (
    safe surfing guidelines.
  • NetAlert CyberSafe Schools: (
    an Internet safety program designed to help teachers empower students on safe use of the Internet.