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  • KidsReads (http://www.kidsreads.com)
    Find out all about your favorite books, authors, book series, and upcoming books at KidsReads.com. This site was created as a great resource for kids, parents, and teachers to find new great books read, read about favorite authors, and find out about books that are coming soon.
  • Spelling City (http://www.spellingcity.com/)
    This online spelling program makes teaching and learning spelling fun! Teachers can upload spelling lists and students can login and use the Test Me, Teach Me, or Play a Game features to learn their spelling words. There are 38,000 spelling words, eight spelling games, and even a real person who says each word and sentence.
  • Kids on the Net (http://www.kidsonthenet.com/)
    Teach your students creative writing skills using Kids on the Net. There are teaching resources, stories, puzzles, games, and writing guides for kids to practice their creative writing skills.
  • Fish for Words (http://fishforwords.com/)
    is an online educational game designed to help children independently learn "Sight Words" and master some of the most common Sight Words Lists used by schools. You can try the free trial demo, view the video, or print free sight words printables.
  • American Writers (http://www.americanwriters.org/)
    gives you information on famous writers, their works, portraits, streaming media, lesson plans, interactive activities, and more. The Classroom section allows you to access the Teacher Resources, Video Lesson Plans and an Interactive Scrapbook.
  • Writing Fun (http://www.teachers.ash.org.au/jeather/writin...ngfun.html)
    offers you a lot of information and hands-on practice on different types of writing, including explanation, persuasion, description, poetry, and more. Teachers can download and print text organizers to help students with their writing process.
  • World Wide Words (http://www.worldwidewords.org/index.htm)
    is a rich resource to investigate the evolving nature of the English language. You can check the past history of common words; find out about new word creations used in the press, or simply check for usage.
  • Academy of American Poets (http://www.poets.org/page.php/prmID/6)
    provides a wealth of resources, including Discussion Forums where teachers can share ideas and seek help from colleagues; Pedagogical & Critical Essays about poetry; extensive links to relevant websites; Curriculum Units & Lesson Plans; biographies of hundreds of poets; and over 2,000 poems.
  • The Island of Blue Dolphins (http://score.rims.k12.ca.us/score_lessons/dolphin/)
    is a thematic exploration of the historical fiction novel--Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell. The site is presented both in English and Spanish and also includes a Teachers Notes section.
  • Shakespeare in the Classroom (http://www.pbs.org/shakespeare/educators/)
    provides materials to make teaching Shakespeare an engaging and exciting learning adventure. There are six thematic units, which include professional development strategies and lesson plans, a multimedia library of curriculum resources, and much more.
  • The Write Site (http://www.writesite.org/default.htm)
    is a multimedia language arts curriculum for middle school students. Students take on the role of journalists generating leads, gathering facts, and writing stories by using the tools and techniques of real-life journalists. The instructional activities aim to improve students skills while helping teachers integrate technology into their classrooms.
  • Starfall (http://www.starfall.com/)
    is a reading instruction web site for the emergent reader. It weaves the reading-acquisition process together into a cohesive, fun, and entertaining program that kids love. The stories in Starfall were written with special attention towards maintaining a simple, coherent, and engaging story line. There are many free printed materials to download!
  • Historical Treasure Chests (http://www.k12science.org/curriculum/treasure/)
    provides models for engaging students in the investigation of authentic materials from the past. The students are provided with primary sources such as letters, diaries, photographs, maps and artifacts and questions to guide their investigation. By looking closely for details, students can draw conclusions about the items and formulate their own hypotheses about the time period(s) during which they were created. Other primary resources can be accessed on the websites listed in the reference section.
  • Words & Tools (http://www.wordsandtools.com/index.htm)
    offers Interactive tests and exercises for language learners of English and Spanish. The English section includes diagnostic vocabulary tests and exercises, English grammar, and interactive crosswords. The Spanish section offers Interactive grammar exercises at the elementary and intermediate levels. Each product has a demo full of interactive exercises, too.
  • Between the Lions (http://pbskids.org/lions/stories.html)
    is an award-winning PBS television series designed to foster the literacy skills of its viewers, while playfully demonstrating the joys of reading. Each show aims to give kids (4-7) some of the experiences they need in order to become successful readers. There are 80 episodes and the program characters serve as role models for younger viewers eagerly demonstrating the power and pleasure of literacy. There are also coloring pages, letter guides, games, and printable versions of all of the online illustrated stories.
  • Nellie's English Projects (http://www.nelliemuller.com/Signs_to_follow.htm)
    explores different ways to learn English through other subjects. Take a look at the Task List, where you will find a variety of tasks ranging from Youth in Advertising to Sonny's Blues.
  • Webtime Stories (http://www.kn.pacbell.com/wired/webtime)
    a gathering of children's' stories for you to enjoy. Whether your interest is picture books, science fiction, fairy tales or just plain fun, Webtime Stories has something for you.
  • Favorite Poem Project (http://www.favoritepoem.org/index.html)
    share views with other poetry enthusiasts and even submit your favorite poem.
  • Kid Info (http://www.kidinfo.com/SchoolSubjects.html)
    offers students help with their homework in different subject areas.