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  • Spark Enthusiam (http://www.sparkenthusiasm.com/index.html)
    is intended to inspire and enlighten you about teaching and learning Spanish. Explore all of the videos, links, power point presentations, ideas, and resources that this site has to offer.
  • Spanish Grammar & Vocabulary Tutorials (http://www.cuyamaca.net/ddetwile/Resources/sp...rammar.asp)
    offers a great variety of tutorials, grammar explanations and self-checking exercises for a lot of the most common grammatical structures in Spanish. There are also links to dictionaries and other sites of interest that will also help you assess your knowledge of this language.
  • Español con Carlitos (http://babelnet.sbg.ac.at/carlitos/)
    is your guide to the Spanish-speaking world. This site is organized by scenarios, which provide you with many different activities for a variety of topics. You can also navigate using the Caminos, which correspond to thematic units. There is also a grammar review section. Check it out!
  • Spanish Resources (http://polyglot.lss.wisc.edu/lss/lang/spanish.html)
    offers a comprehensive list of web sites for those who are interested in Spanish Language and Culture. The links range from music, radio and television to country and city tours. This database consists of a variety of resources that can be used to develop units and interactive activities for students of Spanish to broaden their understanding of this language and culture.
  • Juegos y Canciones para los Niños (http://www.hevanet.com/dshivers/juegos/juegos.html)
    Quieres cantar en español? This site provides songs and games that can be used very effectively to teach Spanish to young children. The music and games help the children feel a part of the language and they quickly become involved in the rhythm, words, and fun. English version available.
  • Story Place: La biblioteca digital de niños (http://www.storyplace.org/sp/storyplace.asp)
    offers the ultimate virtual experience of going to the library. Children can explore excellent, interactive pages full of exciting stories and activities. Story Place currently consists of two libraries, the Preschool Library and the Elementary Library. Click on either one and find on-line activities, activities to print or for home, reading lists, fun stories, riddles, and much more for you to enjoy. Visit BookHive to see book titles you may be interested in. Teachers can incorporate the stories into their curriculum and the language arts standards.
  • Salón Hogar (http://www.salonhogar.com/)
    offers a lot of excellent interactive resources in Spanish for you to use at home or in class. You can practice your language skills through math, science, and social studies. Teachers can use the different resources to develop fun activities for class. The Noticias section provides links to radio, T.V., and newspapers in Spanish for you to find out what is happening in the world. The Diversión section offers you the opportunity to learn while playing. Disfrute!
  • Spanish Flashcards (http://members.tripod.com/spanishflashcards/)
    if you want to practice or learn more Spanish, this site offers you a great variety of flashcards on many different grammar structures and vocabulary. The vocabulary flashcards are both in Spanish and English and contain pictures to help you remember the words. There are also multiple choice exercises, spelling quizzes, and listening comprension exercises to help you with the new words. You can learn 10 words a day and test your memory afterwards. The grammar flashcards allow you to review and grade your knowledge of different structures.
  • Gramática y ortografía (http://www.indiana.edu/%7Ecall/lengua.html)
    is your site for interactive exercises, activities, links, and materials to practice Spanish. The Cultura hispana section offers a list of useful online resources to explore different Spanish speaking countries and their cultures.
  • BBC Spanish (http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/spanish)
    offers a lot of useful and interactive activities to help you practice Spanish. All of the sections included in the web site are great! Check out the Talk Spanish and the Sueños sections, where you will find video clips and activities designed to build your skills. Go to the Games and Quizzes section and test your knowledge of the language.
  • Españolé! (http://www.espanole.org)
    is an On-line Resource for Students and Teachers of Spanish. Learn about Hispanic countries, Literature, History, Refranes, and Art. Teachers can also visit La página de los profesores (http://www.espanole.org/profes) to find resources that can be used for classroom activities.
  • Herramientas de español (http://www.bowdoin.edu/%7Eeyepes/newgr/index.htm)
    includes a grammar book, a variety of exercises, and correction guidelines. In addition, there is a brief reference to Spanish accents, gender, plurals, articles, pronouns, and spell changes in English. Diviértete mientras aprendes!
  • Casa de Joanna (http://www.autopenhosting.org/casadejoanna/)
    offers thematically organized links for both Spanish and French, web-based activities, and access to other resources to enhance your language learning experience. Check it out!
  • Comunicativo.net (http://www.ihmadrid.com/comunicativo/index.htm)
    Buscas actividades para tu clase de español? There are many different kinds of activities and games divided by level and content.
  • Spanishome.com (http://www.spanishome.com/)
    If you are looking for interesting and interactive ways to practice your Spanish or ways to present grammar structures in a clear way, this is your site. You can find listening activities, grammar tutorials, vocabulary presentations, culture segments, and interactive games for grammar and vocabulary.
  • Spanish Unlimited (http://www.spanishunlimited.com)
    offers online lessons, quizzes, games, and even recipes.
  • Lecturas paso a paso (http://cvc.cervantes.es/aula/lecturas)
    gives you pre-reading exercises, reading comprehension and follow-up activities for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced reader of Spanish. Disfruta!
  • México para Niños (http://www.elbalero.gob.mx/index_esp.html)
    Quieres practicar tu español o aprender aún más? An awesome site full of interactive activities.
  • FLES (http://www.tesd.K12.pa.us/fles)
    offers a great variety of language activities. Check the Sites for Students and the E-Pal exchange project. Also, visit the Teacher resources and take a look at the Student Scrapbook. Diviértete!
  • Spanish Grammar Exercises (http://www.colby.edu/~bknelson/exercises/index.html)
    offers a lot of interactive exercises to practice different structures; by Barbara Kuczun Nelson. Aprende y diviértete!
  • Más arriba (http://www.trentu.ca/spanish/masarriba/welcome.htm)
    offers many different interactive exercises on Spanish vocabulary and grammar. It is pedagogically based on visual association.
  • Especially Español (http://www.kn.pacbell.com/wired/espanol)
    links to curricular sites in Spanish with suggestions given as to how they can be incorporated into a learning environment.
  • Glosario básico inglés-español para usuarios de Internet (http://www.ati.es/novatica/glosario/glosario_...html#glosa)
    helps your Spanish-speaking students learn English Internet and technology terms.